Curriculum Content

I.S.K. International Kids Academy is an international school that provides 5 specialized types of lessons (English, Music, Exercise, Brain Development, Ballet/Dance) in an all-English environment.

We also provide long-period childcare for busy mothers and fathers. Not only we provide an active English language environment at our school, but we also have a balanced educational system. Through multiple lessons and experiences at I.S.K. International Kids Academy, your child will be able to say “I’ve seen that before!”, “I’ve done that before!” and “I know about that!”, gain confidence and become much more proactive at everything they do. We will write monthly letters to brief families on our activities at school and also provide a free download service for pictures and videos of your children as well.

We value our core concept of “Accept, Praise, Love”so that we can strive to provide the best learning environment for your child every day.

Brain Development

For brain development, we provide a curriculum that balances both the left and right sides of the brain. Picture cards, image training/memory, figure composition and alphabet/number lessons will be used to activate the right side of the brain while our core lessons will be based on 10 basic concepts - color, shape, size, number, amount, spatial awareness, comparison, sequence, time, and money, to activate the left side. In addition, we also provide worksheets and writing lessons to stimulate the whole brain overall.


Why do we teach English from such an early stage of life? It is because infant stage is the best time for language acquisition. Humans are most receptive to sounds during this stage of life. During this time, we will be able recognize and acquire correct pronunciation and distinct phonetic nuances, rhythm and intonation, which is an impressive skill that we lose as we grow older.

English teachers will conduct the following three teaching programs:

● E.R.L. (English Reinforcement Lesson)

Through basic lessons about the alphabet, phonics and color, we create a natural English-based environment in the class.

● R.P. (Reading Program)

By showing “Bits” of English vocabulary from picture books every month, children learn sight reading and boost their reading comprehension skills.

● Q.A.P. (Question Answer Program)

As the name suggests, children learn to ask questions and answer them. Not only they learn to ask questions asked by the foreign teachers, but also how to formulate and ask their own questions and carry out a conversation. We also aim to teach children how to introduce and talk about themselves throughout this program.

● Reading Writing Program

By learning many English words and repeatedly reading simple texts, children learn to read and write on their own.

● Coaching Circle

A series of lessons carried out by memorizing sentences and patterns in order for the children to be able to freely communicate

● We also do Science, home economics(cooking, sewing etc), sports, outdoor activities, art etc.

● We  have 2~3 fun events each month.

Exercise Program (H.T.B.P.)

- 腹這い (Harabai): Crawling

- 高這い (Takabai): Walking on all fours

- Brachiation Program

We will conduct H.T.B.P. exercises. These exercises develop the respiratory organs to provide more oxygen to the brain and improves intellectual and physical development. They also strengthen sight and help with functional fingertip development. The lungs are the most important part of the brain as it supplies oxygen, therefore the health of the lungs is crucial for the development of the brain. The second aim is the focus of sight. By implementing appropriate lessons, children can improve their visionary skills, as well as their writing, reading and other skills.

Ballet (Matsushiro School)

Through ballet, children can learn correct body posture as well as developing a flexible and healthy body. By improving their balance, their physical abilities are enhanced, allowing them to perform at their full potential.

Acoustic Training

Children will participate in lessons that use their body to learn sound rhythms while having fun at the same time. We will teach how to read musical notes and scores. Children will learn rhythm play, the do-re-mi tonal scale, simple listening and playing of music, play musical scores and have fun during the process.

Dance (Takezono School)

Dance develops individuality and a power of expression by listening to music and moving the body happily. Rhythm training also has an effect on athletic performance. It is also incorporated into school education as an exercise that allows you to dance with emotion and feel fun and joy.


★Class Guide★

Our school is catered to children from the ages of 1 to 6 years old.

Nursery and Lessons

8:00 ~ 17:00

Long period day care. Focuses on 5 specialized programs, brain development, English, ballet, exercise programs, and music lessons.


10:00 ~ 15:00

A short period school where parents can choose enrollment from 1 to 5 days per week. The curriculum is based on nursery and lesson classes.

Daycare (spot)

Starting from 2 hours

Daycare in an environment where brain development, exercise programs, music lessons, ballet and English are carried out.

Afterschool Childcare

15:30 ~ 17:30

Lessons learned at I.S.K. International Kids Academy are followed up thoroughly.


★Course Information★

School hours: 8:00 ~ 18:00


Nursery and Lessons

8:00 ~ 17:00 (Long Period Daycare)

Monday to Friday (5 days course)


Registration Fee​​​​​​ 60,000 JPY


Tuition Fee (1~3 year old classes)​​​​ 68,000 JPY

Tuition Fee (4~6 year old classes)​​​​ 68,000 JPY


Teaching Materials Fee (Half-term)​​​ 23,000 JPY

Event Fee (Half-term)​​​​​​​ 15,000 JPY

Facility Fee (Half-term)​​​​​​ 5,000 JPY

Snack fee(monthly) 1,000 JPY


Extended hours(17:00 ~ 18:00)

1 year old 650 JPY/30 minutes

2~6 years old 500 JPY/30 minutes


*Fees include events such as Easter, birthdays, parties, etc.

*All prices tax excluded.


Preschool course

10:00 ~ 15:00


Registration Fee​​​​​​ 30,000 JPY


Teaching Materials Fee (Half-term)​​ 12,000 JPY

Event Fee (Half-term)​​​​​ 10,000 JPY

Facility Fee (Half-term) ​​​​​ ​ 4,000 JPY


1~3 years old

1 time/week  4 times/month                  27,000 JPY

2 times/week  8 times/month               33,000 JPY

3 times/week  12 times /month            40,000 JPY

4 times /week  16 times /month            49,000 JPY

5 times/ week  20 times /month          59,000 JPY 


4 ~ 6 years old

1 time/week  4 times/month                  25,000 JPY

2 times/week  8 times/month               31,000 JPY

3 times/week  12 times /month            39,000 JPY

4 times /week  16 times /month            47,000 JPY

5 times/ week  20 times /month          57,000 JPY 

Extended hours


15:00 ~ 18:00

Every 30 minutes, 1 year old: 650 JPY, 2~6 years old: 500 JPY

*Fees include events such as Easter, birthdays, parties, etc.

*Snack time is from 15:45. Those extending hours will be charged 100 JPY per snack.

*For months with 5 weeks, the times/month will not change. (Exception for periods of no school)

*All prices tax excluded.


Daycare (spot)Fees below are listed per hour

- all applications start from 2 hours and above.


Registration Fee​​​​​ 10,000 JPY

Yearly Registration Fee​​​​​ 10,000 JPY

Assistance Fund for teaching and event materials (half a year)​ ​ 5,000 JPY


For 1 year old​​ ​​​ 1,300 JPY

For 2 ~ 6 year old ​​​ 1,000 JPY


Every 30 mins

● 1 year old​​​​​​​​ 650 JPY

● 2~6 years old ​​​​​ 500 JPY


*All prices tax excluded.

*Once the number of children exceeds the capacity limit, we cannot accept any children for that day.

*All prices tax excluded.